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MarketNEWS by OTTEAU.com
(Clarity in an Ever Changing Market)

In today’s fast paced Information Age you can’t afford to get ‘behind the curve’ on the latest trends affecting your market. With 24/7 news coverage ranging from Cable TV, Network TV, Satellite TV, Satellite Radio, eMail, eNews, Podcasts and Blogs, it’s become increasing difficult to sort through the mass of information and conflicting reports. And most important of all, the ability of the public at large to make sense of it all has decreased in direct proportion to the increased volume of information now available.

Real estate professionals who possess a clear understanding of the market have a distinct advantage over their peers which is why we’re so excited to introduce MarketNEWS by OTTEAU.com. Published 10 times a year, this valuable information tool will provide you with a continuing dialogue on housing market trends to raise your Real Estate IQ and increase your market effectiveness. As a MarketNEWS reader you’ll benefit from an enhanced understanding of both broad and local trends affecting the housing market by being informed as they happen. And the rich content of MarketNEWS is filled with charts and graphs to enhance your client presentations and bring clarity in an ever changing market. Don’t be without this valuable tool to enhance your marketing effectiveness.

MarketNEWS is offered as a part of 3 different MarketTRAC subscription packages with convenient one-time or monthly payment installments so you can choose the option that’s right for you and get connected to housing market trends.

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