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Rave Reviews

Satisfied customers are the lifeblood of any successful business. To that end, we firmly believe that the success of our company is the direct result of our commitment to excellence. Achieving that goal requires an attitude which focuses on consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

But don't take our word for it; look at what our clients have to say:

Really enjoyed your spring seminar. Every time I attend I come away with new insights that really help my business.
  Elizabeth Yamashita, Gloria Nilson & Co.

I went on the appointment and showed him that the new construction came down in price because the market rejected the significantly higher differential…I used many of your charts during the presentation. I subscribe to the monthly program so I get the data by town. I also did your CMA on the excel chart. And, I pulled out the 2015 home improvement chart. All of these helped seal the deal. It's no longer good enough to print out comps from the MLS. You really need to know your stuff in order to stand out. I got the listing. They were going to call 2 more agents. But, after my presentation, they sent me a text a few hours later and gave me the job.
  Jody Siano, Realtor, Keller Williams

I just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with us today. I am a new agent in the process of pricing my first listing. This information is so valuable and relevant! I look forward to future workshops!
  Amy Montano, Realtor, Gloria Nilson & Co. Real Estate

I love Otteau! Great content and great customer service!
  Jonathan, Founder & CEO, Joshwa Home Buyers

The knowledge I gained from your seminars gave me the confidence I was looking for. I am able to explain the market to my clients with the understanding of why and where the real estate market is going. I am very thankful!
  Mona, Realtor, Keller Williams Village Square Realty

Your seminars are the best value for the money of ALL the many I attend every year. I come out feeling like I've seen the future, or at least the likely future. In these economic times, unlike any I've ever known, your insights are more important than ever and make me a better planner.
  Frank, President, Banisch Associates, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to work with the people at Otteau Valuation, all of which I have found to be professional, responsive and downright nice.
  Magyar Bank

First off, I wanted to say...it was the third time I have been to one of your presentations...and your knowledge continues to amaze me. On a personal note, in my role as a visiting MBA professor, I see many teachers struggle with that which you have made an art: making the complex both simple enough to understand and enjoyable enough to remember.

I want to thank you for a very informative seminar. It was my first and having been there, I don't know how any real estate professional can miss them! Thank you for making me look like a real estate expert and a hero to my client!
  Diane, Mary Holder Agency

This is great data.
  Fannie Mae

Your mastery of the market is impressive
  Urdang Capital Management

Thank you for all of the hard work that you and your staff put into the assembly of the OTTEAU Report…..All they have to do to stay on the cutting edge is subscribe to your report! I consider your reports to be the "definitive word" in tracking RE trends in our area!
  Professor Dave Cordi, Director & Senior Counselor, Pre-Foreclosure Specialist, The Housing Partnership of Central NJ

Jeff is a great man--I love the work that he does.
  William, LENNAR

It was plain and clear that you outclassed the opposition in every way… Your adherence to the "high road" and "data oriented" approach worked out very well….. I walked out of the hearing with high confidence that we will get a positive result thanks to you.
  Howard, Property Owner in Legal Dispute

I found your presentation informative and insightful. Your last year's presentation was right on target with what we're experiencing today.
  Maria, Meridian Developers

Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday in Atlantic City and for sharing your expertise. As your card states, you do bring Clarity to Real Estate! I had all of these fragments of information in my head from my own experience and various readings, but you put it all together so the picture became clear - thank you.
  Vickie, Sticks & Dirt, Inc.

Just attended the spring seminar and one word describes it...AWESOME! The most helpful seminar I have taken to date.
  Lisa, Coldwell Banker

I cannot thank you enough for the information presented at your seminar. I have shared the information with of my listings and within a week, all have reduced and 2 are sold!! He is the best!
  Ruth, Diane Turton Realtors

I am extremely grateful for the data and forecasts you offer at these seminars. I am sure that without your service I would have no access to this invaluable insight into the New Jersey residential real estate market. It makes me a better realtor and a much better asset to my clients and customers. It is by far the best return on investment that I have seen in this business.
  Bud, Weichert Realtors

Thank you for the wonderful presentation! You really are the "class of the field." You made so many great points about today's world of relocation and the appraisal situation--and it is not going to get any better! …..I look forward to seeing you at one of your spring or fall sessions.
  Jane , Vice President Relocation, Burgdorff ERA

On behalf of everyone at the Coldwell Banker Office, I want to thank you for your reports. They are of great value and we sincerely appreciate receiving them.
  Michael, Manager, Coldwell Banker

I appreciate the level of service your company provides, as evidenced by the esteem you are held in by my colleagues, as well as across the entire industry. Thank you very much.
  Weichert Relocation Company

Thanks for a great presentation, the salespeople really enjoyed it and found it valuable.
  Robert, Manager, Weichert Real Estate

Your comments were provocative, stimulating and food for thought. ...... We should repeat this every month.
  Greater Eastern Union County Association of Realtors

We are a loss for words ....his presentation was interesting and informative ... they are still talking about it
  Gary, Manager, Weichert Realtors

Thanks again for the workshop yesterday. A dozen agents took the time to call me with rave reviews.
  Dan, Murphy Realty Preferred Homes

Whenever I think you have outdone yourself, and that it just couldn't get any better, you continue to amaze me
  Jack Turpin, Turpin Real Estate

Thanks so much for putting together such a great seminar. You not only answered questions about pricing that I had been wondering about since I started in the business, but also, you were able to communicate all this information with clarity. I look forward to your upcoming lectures...
  Kelly, Weichert Realtors

The "Price it Right" report for our sellers is wonderful. Thank you.
  Patricia, Burgdorff ERA Realtors

The seminar was the most valuable of the whole convention.
  Bill, Abbott Insurance Agency

Thank you very much for the wonderfully informative seminar
  Gwendolyn, RE/MAX Preferred Professionals

I quite enjoyed the informative seminar this morning in Atlantic City…Thank you for your work.
  Suzanne, Sticks & Dirt, Inc.

She was appreciative of our appraisal and felt that this company is the reason she got such a good offer so quickly on the property.
  Mary, Weichert Realtors

The monthly updates are always welcome - the NJ industry "bible."
  Billie, RE/MAX Premiere Properties

Thank you for sharing your expertise with us this year as we start our company. Your perspective and "straight information" are appreciated.
  Anthony, Royal Properties LLC

Just a quick note to let you know that Rita & I thoroughly enjoyed your fall meeting. As a 35 year veteran of this fun business, your classes are a great help to both of us, and we don't want to miss any. I should point out that your staff is always very friendly and helpful.
  Joe, Weichert

I first of all just wanted to thank you for the fantastic information you provide and for the seminar you held….awesome.
  Maggie, RE/MAX Village Square

It was the most valuable meeting I've attended - ever. I also heard rave reviews from two builders who attended a different seminar.
  Susan, Keller Williams Realty

As usual, you had me on the edge of my seat trying to take in all of the information you presented. I am always amazed at how you make each seminar more interesting & better than the one before.
  Nita, Diane Turton Realtors

I will plan, as always, to attend your next workshop. They are terrific, and have helped with getting listings, and more importantly, getting them sold!!! Your information is wonderful!
  Patty, Coldwell Banker

Thanks again for your insight made most enjoyable by your charismatic presentation.
  Boyd, Wolford Real Estate Services

Just wanted to take a minute to "thank-you" for this info. It is invaluable to me when I must approach clients with price adjustments and try to explain this "market" we are currently in. You are a credible source and I am thankful for your help.
  Elizabeth, Re/Max Real Estate

Your market information has been very helpful to me in explaining the real estate market change this year compared to last year. I have used in listing presentations in the northwest Bergen area. The information is very compelling!!! I have encouraged other agents to use this info as well.
  Donna, Coldwell Banker

You're a genius.
  Delores, Heritage House-Sotheby's

Thank you so much - I've always said "you are the best" but "you are better than the best" - I just want to personally wish you and your company all good things now and in the future…..I remember years ago when our manager introduced us to The Otteau Report - I thought WOW this is the best - and it still is the best.
  Lynda, Weichert Realtors

Thanks as always for your newsletter. You are a god send to realtors!
  Maria, Coldwell Banker

The best program I have attended in 21 years of real estate is Jeffrey Otteau's seminar
  Evelyn, Re/Max Renown Realty

Thanks again for your clear and succinct evaluation and assessment of our NJ markets. As a trainer I find your reports most useful... You captured and made clear a lot of information and your on going 'Target Pricing' analysis will prove to be a tremendous help to our agents and sellers as well. We appreciate the excellent work you do and share so generously with us.
  Bruce, Prudential New Jersey Properties

Kudos to Jeff for a great presentation.
  Gary, Branch Manager, Prudential NJ Properties

The best 2.5 hours I spent in last year was going through 'basic training' at his seminar
  Robert, Manager, Colwell Banker

A huge THANK YOU for such a terrific seminar…Not only was your lecture informative and helpful, it was also most interesting, and I've already quoted you more times than I can count to the various Buyers and even a few Sellers I've met this week. I know that the information you provided will be of invaluable use to me in my business, make me feel more confident when I speak of the market conditions since my comments will be based on your evaluations and not just my impressions of the current market, and hopefully promote quicker sales as well.
  Rhonda, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

I find your report very useful in my real estate practice. I use your authoritative data very regularly with clients and …. thank you so much for making this kind of information available to other professionals.
  Gary, Ridge Realty

You are the best - from the very first time our manager talked about The Otteau Report several years ago, I thought WOW - wish I could do that.
  Lynda, Weichert Realtors

The information you provide, both at the seminar and online, is extremely well prepared, detailed and presented. Thank you for making it so easy to access such timely statistics. It's a great resource to have at hand.
  Abby, Weidel Realtors

Terrific seminar!
  Ruth, Weichert Realtors

I wanted to express to you how much I enjoy your work shops. You truly provide a valuable service for anyone involved in real estate.
  Chuck, Jan-Key Properties

Jeff presents the best seminar we attend. His information is relevant, clearly presented, grounded in knowledge/fact! Thank You!
  Susan, Gloria Nilson/GMAC

Your presentation was wonderful.
  Nancy, Burgdorff Realtors

I have attended Jeff's seminars for since becoming an agent in 1998 and find him a valuable source of information that I openly share with my clients and friends. He has been right on at every turn and has helped me with some difficult situations.
  Anne, Burgdorff Realtors

You do a great job with the workshop - very informative - great suggestions for CMAs and you don't waste time.
  Teresa, Coldwell Banker

WOW was it great …. we've been using the Otteau Report for several years - what a pulse you have and I just wanted to say "thank you!."
  Lynda, Weichert Realtors

I think that when they saw you working (and saw the previous cases as well) they got the point of having a professional there to handle the situation. I have to say that once again I was impressed with the way you handled the hearing. I think you outclassed them at a game that favors the assessor in the extreme. I feel certain that it will work out in favor of the client.
  John, Property Owner

His talk was very helpful & insightful. I've recharged! Looking forward to the updates!!
  Bonnie, Murphy Realty

  Judy, Coldwell Banker

Your presentation was GREAT! I have seen you before and you seem to be right on with your information. Thanks for the information it is very helpful.
  Scott, Re/Max Properties Unlimited

Your talk was quite informative and necessary for our business
  Ginger, Re/Max Diamond Realtors

I so appreciate your report. It has helped me realistically price listings as well as give stubborn sellers a reality check when necessary. Thank you so much for a job well done.
  Winnie, Diane Turton Realtors

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed the workshop today. I am a property investor and home remodeler, and found that the information you provide is relevant and informative for both industries. The information is an excellent tool that helps me to focus on specific areas of growth and provides a clear direction.
  Chuck, Jan-Key Properties

Thank you for the report. The workshop was very helpful as the information provided is very powerful. I look forward to future workshops.
  Randy, Coldwell Banker

I want you to know how much I appreciate all the research and work that you put into helping us.
  Vicki, Coldwell Banker

I wanted to thank you for presenting such an excellent seminar…I've attended several in the past, and I think your overall presentation was even better this time. Great value, Jeff, keep 'em coming!
  Taffy, Coldwell Banker

Jeffrey presented a very worthwhile and interesting program on "HOUSING PRICES: Where Are They Heading?"
  David B. Fisher, V.P. - Governmental Affairs, Matzel & Mumford Organization

I am realtor who has used your informative report to keep informed as to market trends and used the trends to set market value pricing for newly listed homes.
  Jo, Weichert Realtors

I thoroughly enjoy each time I attend and I learn so much. Thank you.
  Betsy, Coldwell Banker

I attended the seminar this morning and I can only say that it was terrific! Exceptionally informative …. Great job!
  Leigh, Diane Turton

Thanks very much. Most impressed with the Otteau Group's excellent work, and really happy to know of you folks. Will certainly refer business to you as the opportunity presents itself -
  Charles, Burgdorff Realtors

Thanks so much for putting together such a great seminar. You not only answered questions about pricing that I had been wondering about since I started in the business, but also, you were able to communicate all this information with clarity.
  Kelly, Weichert Realtors

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