Understanding how to prepare an accurate CMA is the single most important tool for Realtors® to achieve marketing success while maximizing selling price and shorten marketing time.  Back by popular demand in a new 2-part format, this webinar series will demonstrate how to how to prepare and integrate your CMA into your marketing plan by applying the latest techniques for calculating achievable home selling prices in the current housing market climate.

CMA Techniques – Part 1

This segment will cover the basics of CMA Preparation to provide a foundational understanding of how to approach this critical pre-marketing analysis.  Topics to be covered include:

  • – Introduction to Basic Valuation Principles
  • – Understanding the ‘Buyer’s Perspective’
  • – Guidelines for Selecting Comparable Sales
  • – Adjusting your CMA for Property Differences
  • – Introduction to Applying ‘Time’ Adjustments
  • – Integrating Competitive Pricing into your Marketing Strategy

CMA Techniques – Part 2

Intended for those who have already completed Part 1 of our CMA curriculum and want to learn more.  Part 2 will go deeper into the CMA process including the mathematical basis for calculating adjustments and how to address special features.  Topics to be covered include:

  • – Determining ‘Location’ Adjustments for Sales from Different Neighborhoods
  • – Extracting ‘Time’ Adjustments from Past Sales
  • – How to Handle Complex CMA Adjustments like Age Differences, Flood Zones & Solar Panels
  • – Special Techniques for Income Producing Properties
  • – Dealing with Under-Appraisals

Bonus Materials

Attendees for Part 1 and Part 2 will also receive these bonus materials as part of your registration:

  • – 2020 CMA Adjustment Guide
  • – Excel Template for CMA Preparation & Presentation
  • – Local Housing Report Cards for more than 400 NJ Towns






Online Registration

CMA Part 1

Tuesday, November 10

1 pm–3 pm


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      Thursday November 12

10 am–12 noon


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CMA Part 2

Thursday November 19

1 pm–3 pm


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